Embryos or Egg is Frozen

Q1. How and why Embryos or Egg is frozen?

Human Embryo and Eggs can be successfully frozen and stored. By freezing technology it is been estimated 15–20000 babies were born. As drugs and medication helps in super ovulation which further result in excess of embryos as all we can't transfer so we store them by freezing technology, good quality of eggs and embryos are freeze and stored in liquid nitrogen. By freezing excess embryos couple can have chances to attempt for more IVF procedure without undergoingsame treatment.

And freezing of eggs can also be done in similar method and there can be many reasons for egg freezing like for executive women who do not wish to conceive in middle of their professional journey, such women can preserve their motherhood by this freezing technique and can get conceive on the later stage of her life.

The success rates following transfer of frozen thaw embryos is in the region of 10–15% – not as good as the fresh cycle success rates. In some countries freezing of embryos is restricted or banned (e.g. Germany and Switzerland will only allow freezing of the zygote – i.e. before the first cell division of the fertilized egg).